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S99 Compact Portable Tri-Mode Mechanical Keyboard

S99 Compact Portable Tri-Mode Mechanical Keyboard

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Key Switch

Exceptional tactile feedback.

High fidelity typing sound.

Tri-mode connection.

Exquisite and ergonomic design.

4-layer dampening.

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S99 is equipped with Smart Speed X wireless transmission technology with 500% transmission boost and rapid response.
S99 features a retro casing with delicate sunburst texture. The sides are adorned with copper trim strips, and the narrowed bottom presents exquisite and minimalist aesthetics. The quality of the keyboard meets the flagship standards of high-end keyboards.
S99 adopts a compact 99-key layout, retaining full keyboard functionality while saving 20% space.
The back of the keyboard is adorned with a metal weight block, showcasing individuality and quality. Beneath the small plate, there is a concealed compartment for the receiver.
S99 is equipped with double-shot PBT Cherry profile keycaps with GMK-style characters. The surface is finely sandblasted, balancing delicate touch and durability. The keycap wall is thickened for a more stable and subdued sound.
Poron foam, IXPE dampening mat, foam switch pad, silicone dampener, and a 4-layer dampening structure, effectively fills the internal space to eliminate most cavity noises. A gasket plate-spring structure also improves the sound, making it sound purer.
By adding silicone gasket pads the top and bottom covers, a soft contact is achieved between the inner core and the outer shell, preventing noise generated from rigid collisions. Compared to the traditional gasket structure, the plate-spring structure extends the length of the edge feet, reducing resonance and providing a softer tactile feedback along with a purer sound.
By implementing single-key slotting on the positioning plate, it further eliminates noise and enhances the typing experience.
S99 features Ice Cream key switches with VGN's self-developed even light mirror, BOX structure, pre-bottoming design, and smooth tactile feel.
With a high polling rate of 1000 Hz paired with a 6000 mAh battery, it delivers eSport-level low latency experience and exceptionally long battery life, ensuring worry-free gaming sessions.
S99 features 3 connectivity modes: USB type C, 2.4 GHz wireless with receiver, and Bluetooth 5.0. They are compatible with multiple systems, catering to different scenarios and seamless switching.


Tri-mode connection.
4-layer dampening.
Cherry profile key switches.
Double-shot PBT keycaps.
VGN V1 stabilizers.


The item is made of metal and ABS.


39 x 15 x 5 cm

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